Your Best Foot Forward Season to Season (BFF) Service:


"Fashion fades. Style is Eternal."

- Yves St. LAURENt

Yves St. Laurent said it best -- trends come and go, but style is forever.   Style isn't what you wear, it's HOW you wear your clothes and what they say about you -- day after day, month after month, season to season.  It's what defines you. It's your calling card, your personal brand. 

And it begets the question:  What do your style and your clothes say about you?  

YOUR Best Foot Forward Season to Season Service.

Simply stated:

Your Best Foot Forward (BFF) Season to Season service is the busy woman's solution to the above question.  

Designed  to ease the stress of getting dressed, this service will have you looking and feeling amazing, confidant, polished, and put together every day.  You won't have to hunt for the perfect figure and fiscally flattering pieces your life and style require because I'll find them for you and they'll soon be hanging in your closet, at your fingertips! No more fretting "what should I wear;" complaining about your closet full of clothes, yet nothing to wear to that big event; or what I coin the dreaded "shop of shame" ( the eleventh hour mad dash to the mall to find "something" to wear; settling on something not quite right, overpriced or both; and regretting it the next morning).

Designed to support clients who get bored with their wardrobes quickly; need inspiration and/or support in reworking their existing wardrobe to create fresh looks during the season; those who are too busy/hate to shop but want to look on trend and amazing; and/or want someone always on the look out for perfect pieces for them, the BFF Season to Season package seamlessly provides highly personalized personal styling services in all the ways busy individuals need it:  at your fingertips, on your schedule, and without any hassle or effort.



  • Always want to look their best;

  • Dislike to or lack the time to shop;

  • Have a million clothes but nothing to wear;

  • Find themselves in a fashion rut;

  • Fret about what to wear, or having nothing to wear;

  • Engage in the “shop of shame;"

  • Feel like they have a sense of what they like and don't like, but never quite get it right 100% of the time;

  • Want body and budget flattering, on trend pieces at their fingertips;

  • Stress about how to transition their wardrobe between seasons, and into the next season;

  • Want an ongoing relationship with their personal stylist who will find amazing pieces for them all year long;

  • Want access to a personal stylist to address fashion questions or emergencies;

  • Wants someone who has them top of mind, and always on the look out for perfect wardrobe additions and finds;

  • Want someone to create outfits for them in advance so they never ask "what should I wear?";  AND/OR

  • Want the perfect outfit for any and every occasion on hand so they never stress about finding the "right" thing to wear

your best foot forward season to season package provides:

  • A 15 minute phone consultation to establish your needs, wants, goals and wish lists for the season (1 per season, or every three months).

  • A Seasonal Closet Creation Package to evaluate:

    • what pieces to treasure into the next season; 

    • which to store for the season; and

    • to create your seasonal "go to looks" so you look and feel confidant all season long, and always know what to wear, when.

  • Four (4) - Three (3) hour one on one personal styling/shopping sessions you can use during the year (recommended is once per season  (i.e. 1 session every 3 months ));

  • A personalized look book featuring your seasonal “go to” looks and custom styling tips;

  • Monthly Virtual Stylist Package Amenities , which include access to me for your fashion questions and emergencies throughout the month in the private Facebook Group, as well as a virtual boutique updated throughout the season with BFF curated picks selected just for you, to suit your body, budget, style and lifestyle.

  • Three (3) 10 minute calls per season (every 3 months) to use when you have questions or need guidance.

  • Unlimited email support for fashion questions and/or emergencies.

  • Monthly newsletter.

  • Exclusive membership and access to my  private Facebook group for my BFFs;

  • Exclusive invitations to private events for BFF clients.

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