fashion styling and wardrobe consulting services 

 ​​​​best foot forward

the oscar winning producer


Betina of Best Foot Forward, made getting through award season seamless, joyful, and an absolute pleasure when it came to curating the perfect outfit for each of my red carpet and related events.  With back-to-back events every weekend, countless press interviews, constant travel as well as the demands of family life and pressures of running both my businesses, I had absolutely no time to think about, let alone assemble, outfits for these highly publicized and heavily photographed events where my work was nominated!  Enter Betina.

Within a single meeting, she not only nailed my personal style, but every detail of every look she curated for me—from my dress, to accessories, to makeup and hair styling—for the BAFTA Awards, Director’s Guild Awards, Independent Spirit Awards, and the Academy Awards themselves, where my business partners and I were nominated and won awards – not to mention the luncheon hosted by Diane Von Furstenburg for all female nominees, the Women in Film Dinner, and several highly publicized and photographed industry events.

Because I am a producer, I wanted my look to be on point, memorable but also reflective of my role.  Working with Betina was amazing.  She is a great listener, has an amazing eye for what pieces I would like as well as those that were most figure flattering and event appropriate.  Betina selected incredible looks that had me looking and feeling my best both on and off the red carpet at all of the award season’s events!

She is insanely organized, providing me with detailed spreadsheets which outlined each look – it made packing and collaborating with my hair and makeup styling team effortless.  Moreover, she anticipated my needs before I knew I had them; generously bringing everything back and forth to my home office – allowing me the time and energy to focus on my businesses and family. She was a lifesaver, and made this memorable experience of winning an Oscar for Best Picture all the more memorable and pleasurable. 


the interior designer

kassin adelman, founder and PRINCIPal, idf design studios

As a business owner + busy stepmom, I consider Betina a secret weapon.  She helped select outfits for my interior design firm’s recent rebrand – and the photos came out looking polished and fun, conveying exactly the look we wanted.  Betina served as an objective eye, a cheerleader, and creator of the cohesive vision that we needed.  Even though we only had her for the day,  each of us thoroughly enjoyed the process and left looking at our wardrobe in a new light.  Nine ladies with different personalities, styles, and body shapes… that’s no small feat! I look forward to working with Betina again soon.

The celebrity jewelry designer

Ashley berman., ashleymorgan designs 

Fun and inspiring might not be the first words you’d think of to describe the experience of having a stranger look through your closet… but Betina's service was that and more. I had no idea that having someone come sort through my closet, organize my clothing, and help create new outfits and ensembles could be so enjoyable. And rather than feeling like I had a stranger in my home rifling through my wardrobe, it felt like I was shopping with one of my girlfriends.   I have always shopped as a collector of beautiful things. I buy clothes that I love - not because it necessarily flatters my figure or because it matches the season or that it goes with other items in my wardrobe. I buy clothing that appeals to my sense of beauty and style. After giving birth to my two adorable girls, both my shape and my style changed. While I love buying colorful prints and ornately detailed blouses - they now tend to stay in my closet. Betina was remarkably adept at helping me determine how to be able to wear the things that I love. Her sweet honest opinion about what looks best on my figure helped me to define my style. She provided suggestions for some new purchases, such as a pair of nude heels and a few simple tanks, as well as some simple staple items that would offset the splashier pieces in my collection. She also showed me how to combine my soft sweet floral designs with other harder pieces to give the overall look more edge. Betina redefined my wardrobe and allowed me to see it with newly inspired eyes.   It was so empowering! When she left, my closet was organized with items of clothing that I actually love to wear, coordinated in ways I had never thought of before. At very little cost, I had ten fresh new outfits that I felt great wearing on my trip to NYC and Miami.  Thanks Betina!  


the marketing guru and social butterfly

Tatum Getty., SoulCycle (as quoted from yelp review)


I recently moved from LA to SF and found myself suddenly self conscious of my colorful and eclectic wardrobe, as well as cold because of my warm weather friendly clothes.  A friend of mine referred me to Betina, and I when I heard "closet editing" I figured my husband would also be happy to have her help me reduce the amount of clothes I had. 


Betina was so enthusiastic and passionate about wanting to help me feel comfortable in my clothes in this new city, while still ensuring I stay true to who I was. When she came over, she did a quick glance at my closet, but then sat me down for an "interview" to find out who my fashion icons were and what I wanted to accomplish with my personal style. She listened intently, took notes, and then truly took everything I said to heart as we went through my closet together. The way she approached each item was without judgement, full of kindness, and most of all, mindful of the ultimate goal - to teach me how to layer for the SF weather and tone down my crazy LA clothes for a more sophisticated SF style.


One by one, she helped me toss clothes I hadn't worn in years, while being compassionate towards the ones I was super attached to. She helped me find new ways to wear classic pieces, and put outfits together I would have never done on my own, but loved! She is a style genius and best of all, she helped build my confidence in my personal style for a fraction of the cost of buying a whole new wardrobe! 


Betina had me try on everything for her! I think this was the best part because she was able to see what worked best for my body type, when I 'glowed' because I loved an outfit on me so much, and helped accessorize each outfit. She would suggest shoes for me to try on with each outfit along with jewelry and purses, photograph me when we got the "look" right, and then help determine the types of appropriate occasions of when to wear each look. Now, I have the photographs from my look book to refer to when I can't decide what to wear. It makes the decision process so much easier and I don't try on 100 things now before deciding what to wear.


Ever since Betina entered my life, I have had friends compliment how "put together" I look, which I had never been told before in my life! I also have friends asking me to go shopping with them now because they think I have an "eye" but really it's Betina's eye that I have now! Betina is the most thoughtful and passionate person with so much energy and love to give. I am so happy to have Betina in my life, not only to help me put my Best Foot Forward, but also as my new BFF! She truly cares and will help any one achieve a sense of style they never knew they had!




From the minute I read Betina's reason why she started her business, I knew I needed her help. I had a huge closet full of really nice clothes but wore Lulu every single day.  With a recent move to the burbs and lifestyle change from working city woman to stay at home mom I was clueless what to wear in my new life.  Betina came to my rescue.  With a no nonsense but gentle style, she helped me purge/edit my closet.  She quickly determined what had to go to goodwill, what could be consigned and what I needed to keep. She picked out pieces from my wardrobe, created outfits and accessorized them from head to toe.  She even took pictures of the outfits she pulled together so I have a "look book" to refer back to when I am having a wardrobe crisis.  Without buying a thing, I felt like I had a new wardrobe.   We had so much fun together, it seriously felt like my best friend helping me purge my closet.  I highly recommend Betina. She has a great eye, is extremely professional and has fantastic style!


Allison Fortini Crawford, top 1% Agent with Sotheby's International Realty

What do you do when you need summer clothes but have literally no time to shop for them?

You call Betina. That’s what you do. 

I hadn’t shopped in months when a week before my summer vacation, I realized I had nothing to accommodate the three digit temperatures, the dust during the day, and the evening cocktail parties.  I called Betina to see if she could help me.  I’m almost 6 feet tall, and struggle with finding pieces that can accommodate my height.  I was blown away that in under 24 hours, with instructions as vague as “I need summer clothes for our vacation next week,” Betina assembled a Pinterest Board with over 50 items for me to choose from! 

Within a few minutes of tagging what I liked, Betina called to let me know she purchased them and would drop them at my house later that day.  After thirty (30) minutes of trying on the bags of clothes she found for me, I not only had everything I needed – including the perfectly fitting swim suits—but fabulous and versatile pieces that would be great beyond my vacation:  for upcoming summer barbeques; casual dinners out with friends and my husband; an even a dress I could wear both to camp and a summer daytime wedding!  Betina nailed my style, and found versatile pieces within budget, that were physique flattering – and even managed to obtain a price adjustment to save me even more money!  I never stepped foot in a store, or even left my home – Betina handled every detail, from shopping for me, handling all returns and exchanges, to bringing pieces to and from my door for me – and left me free to close my real estate deals, juggle showings and take care of my family.  She is worth her weight in gold


Julia nottebohm., sf ballet's special event manager


For as long as I can remember, I have tried, but struggled, to incorporate color into my wardrobe.  I finally sought help - especially since spring/summer 2012 is ALL about color.  Betina has a great eye for flattering colors and bringing out the most stylish “you”. She is personable and makes getting a makeover fun! Since Betina styled me I am no longer afraid of wearing color! And everyone has noticed - with daily compliments to boot!  Not only did my wardrobe get a color boost, but so did my life and career!  


THE new mom, round two 

Marla finkelstein, professional recruiter, formerly with levis strauss


Given that I am due with my second child in less than two weeks, it has been challenging to find time and feel good while shopping for my summer wardrobe! I wanted to add a few fun tops and pieces to update my wardrobe that I can enjoy wearing post delivery. With Betina's fabulous eye and great sensibility, she helped me find a few key looks to incorporate into my soon-to-be-new wardrobe rotation. She understood that my lifestyle will require easy to wear items that will still keep me on trend without much effort. Thank you Betina for the fun shopping spree...I look forward to wearing some of my new clothes soon!  


the professional 

Audrey Krajewski., speech pathologist and new mom


Betina is a wonderful wardrobe and style consultant.  I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking a fresh perspective for their professional and day-to-day wardrobe.  She helped me coordinate several outfits for upcoming events.  Betina invested the appropriate amount of time to get to know me and understand my needs.  Our session was fun, informative, and she was filled with helpful tips that allowed me to combine my own clothing with her valuable recommendations.   I'm especially grateful for her use of accessories and for a dress that she found to compliment my body.  Betina's styling talent created a completely new look for me.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her and I feel transformed in my new outfits!



LINDSAY Wilson., M.A.


Betina came to my home this week to give me a closet consultation. First of all, she is very warm and easy to talk to.  She helped me go through the clothing I already had in my closet and made suggestions for pieces that would go well together. This was particularly helpful for some items that I knew were on trend but could not figure out what to wear them with!  After the closet, she helped me identify a few key pieces that would allow me to make great outfits with some clothes that I previously didn't know how to style. She knew which retailers would carry the pieces and helped me find them on the website. I have already tried out some of her suggestions and have been thrilled with the results!


The Doctor and new mom

Uma L., M.D.

I found myself a new mom starting a new job with literally no clothes that fit me. I have done a closet edit with Betina, been to 2 of her shopping events, and gone shopping with her 1 on 1.  She has an amazing eye and is very straight forward, all while being super supportive.  She really listened to what "look" I wanted to project and how I felt most comfortable.  All of her advice and guidance has been exactly on target.



The consultant & veteran mom of 2

Hope T., M.A.

I have worked with Best Foot Forward 3 times and Betina is wonderful!  She is incredibly sweet and encouraging, yet clear about what to wear and what to avoid.  I first contacted Betina about a closet edit, which can be an intimidating, incredibly personal thing.  Betina was really approachable, respected boundaries, yet also offered very good advice about what to keep, what to get rid of, and why.  She took pictures to show how one change to an outfit could make a big difference in appearance.  She followed up with a detailed list about what to add to my wardrobe to make it complete.

I have shopped with her two times since - looking for specific items - and she has found flattering pants, blazers, and jeans for me.  She knows the fit and material of what feels like every brand of clothing.  This simplifies the process of finding just the right thing.  Most of all, she does it in a way that makes shopping fun!