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Best Foot Forward frequently asked questions

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5.  I have never worked with a stylist and am nervous to have someone critique my wardrobe.  What will our time be like together?

I hear you! I understand that inviting me into your home and closet can be intimate, and thus awkward. That said, the first thing I tell my clients is that this process is supposed to be fun!  I strive to make each client feel comfortable and at ease, and remind them that I too have had my fair share of fashion skeletons in my closet as well.  The goal is to make you look and feel fabulous -- and by the end of our session, you feel good about yourself and understand how to dress for your body.  I pride myself on the fact that clients have told me that while I may walk in a stranger, I leave as a friend.  I hope you too give me the chance to help you put your best foot forward!



1.  I work from home/I am a stay at home mom - why would I need a wardrobe consultant?

No matter whether you work in or outside the home, everyone should self-prioritize.  Getting dressed and looking your best, whatever that means for your day, is about making yourself a priority and showing yourself and the world that you care about how you present yourself.  Doing something on the outside can make yourself feel better on the inside. So, whatever time you have, whether it's a 1 hour session or 3, we'll edit your closet, create go to looks from the clothes you already own!   You won't leave your house or buy a single new piece of clothes, but have an entirely new wardrobe!  

2.  I am on a tight budget - is it worth spending money on hiring a wardrobe consultant or stylist?

YES! Believe it or not, working with a wardrobe consultant saves money.  In my experience, women purge their closets and want to start from scratch when updating their look. Often times, when that happens, women end up purchasing more than what they truly need; and even worse, keep making the same mistakes in selecting the pieces they buy! A new pair of ill fitting pants are just as unworkable as the old pair!  Instead of making that costly mistake for the second time, inviting me into your closet can help streamline and identify what works, what to look for and where to get it.

My three step approach to closet editing starts first with your closet -- and working with what you already have.  My fresh take on your existing wardrobe may be all you need to update your wardrobe simply by mixing it up and repurposing pieces you already own - instant savings!  If there are holes in your closet, my expertise can save you time, gas, and money in filling those gaps by identifying the right accessory or clothing piece at the right store within your budget.  Additionally, my rates are very competitive and  services can be tailored to fit both your budgetary needs. 

3.  Who are your clients? Do you work with men?

YOU are my client! I work with women and men of all ages, all professions, all shapes and sizes.  Some of my recent clients include an Oscar winning producer; a stay at home mom; a male gamer; a former NASA rocket scientist; a working mom; a retired grandmother of 5; a male doctor; a single professional woman; and a female physician heading back to work after being on maternity leave!

4.  My girlfriends and I need some styling updates.  Do you do group styling sessions?

I work both with individuals, as well as with groups.  Group sessions could include a presentation of seasonal trends and must have's, tailored to the group's needs, as well as addressing each group member's personal styling questions or issues.  Often times, attendees will bring outfits or pieces from their wardrobes and inquire about ways to modernize, outfit or style certain pieces.