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Your Monthly Virtual stylist Service

We all want to look great, feel confidant and dress to impress. 

but who has the time???




Whether you want fashion inspiration; have an upcoming event, nothing to wear and no time to shop; or want to work with a celebrity personal stylist in a cost effective way, the BFF Virtual Stylist Service fits the bill and is perfect for the modern busy, style, budget conscious woman who wants personalized, curated fashion at her fingertips!

This service not only affords you 24-7 access to a personal stylist to address any and every fashion question, curiosity, want, need or emergency; BUT, I will I will curate your very own virtual boutique, featuring the on-trend pieces that best suit your body, budget and lifestyle; and that track items on your wish list.  Moreover, your virtual boutique will be filled with personalized styling tips for each piece I select, so they seamlessly incorporate into your existing wardrobe. You will never wonder what to wear, as you will have go to looks and new styling suggestions at your fingertips!  

The best part?  

You get monthly access to a stylist--just like my in person clients do-- BUT AT A FRACTION OF THE COST!

The Result?  

  • A personal stylist who is always on the hunt for the perfect pieces for you!

  • Access to a celebrity personal stylist at your fingertips, to address your fashion needs, wants and emergencies;

  • You always know what to buy and what to pass on;

  • You always have the perfect outfit to wear to any -- and every--occassion;

  • You save time without sacrificing style by having the best pieces hand selected for you, at your fingertips (because you no longer need to scour every website, every fashion magazine and every boutique for the perfect pieces);

  • You have a beautiful, curated, inspirational virtual boutique customized just for you, from which to gain inspiration and/or shop at your convenience.



  • A fifteen (15) minute 1:1 consultation, following the completion of a detailed questionnaire, to determine your fashion wants, needs and to create your wish list for the month; 

  • Access to a personal stylist to address all of your fashion questions, concerns, wants, needs and/or emergencies;

  • A monthly virtual boutique featuring items specifically selected for you to suit your needs, wants - and always on budget; 

  • Personalized styling tips that accompany each piece about how to wear the piece, and/or incorporate it into your existing wardrobe;

  • Membership in the private Facebook Group, providing you access to me 24-7;

  • Invitations to BFF partner and sponsored events during the month (varies from month to month).